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Finding the Fun in Fall

The best part of any season is getting to spend quality time with family. Fall is full of opportunities for fun. Our little family making fall memories. Last week, we had to make some deliveries near one of our favorite local pumpkin patches - Jack Creek Farms. We took a few minutes to stop by and have some fun, and it was so enjoyable! Windmill and pumpkin display outside of farm stand.  Large pumpkin selection, from big to small! "The best memories are made on the farm" banner welcoming visitors.  They thought of so many things to include to make the experience at their pumpkin patch fun for all ages. We missed their big family event of the season by...

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Local Spotlight: Tooth & Nail Winery

Whether you live on the Central California Coast or not, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to hear about one of our favorite local spots. If you’re familiar with the Paso Robles area at all, then you know that wineries and tasting rooms are practically on every corner, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to think about which ones to go to and explore. We’ve checked out a fair amount, and one of our favorites by far is the Tooth and Nail Castle in Paso Robles.   Not long ago, we were introduced to Tooth and Nail Winery when we were asked to complete a few metal projects for their tasting room. The tasting room and event space is literally housed...

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4 Steps to Navigating a Chaotic Season

Life is full of seasons.The weather changes throughout the year, we grow and change as humans, relationships and opportunities come and go. Some of these seasons are busy and stressful, while others are more relaxing. Since we know that these seasons will continually change, we can prepare ourselves using specific strategies to try and make the transitions a little less challenging and leave time for more enjoyment and happiness. For us, there are short bursts of chaos throughout the year, and then there is one long, very busy, very chaotic season that pretty much lasts from September through December 31st. Part of this is because we are a retail business, which is understandably impacted during the holiday season, and part...

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