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Metal Monday 6-4

Happy Metal Monday! Each week, we like to share a bit about our business that focuses on the metal part of what we do. Sometimes, it might have to do with the materials we use, sometimes it might focus more on tools we like or techniques we employ to make our work unique.    This week, we thought we’d touch on a topic that probably spans many industries and businesses - waste.      We go through a lot of metal each week! Just like many other industries, we do our best to minimize waste, but inevitably, there are pieces and parts that just end up being unusable.     So what happens to all of this scrap? Luckily, many...

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Don't get stuck picking up the same ole, boring, last-minute gift that you've given him the last 3 years in a row now...Check out these amazing ideas for some inspiration, and maybe even a deal or two!

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