Nurturing Yourself Through the Holiday Hustle: 10 Practical Self-Care Acts for Moms

Nurturing Yourself Through the Holiday Hustle: 10 Practical Self-Care Acts for Moms

A few weeks ago, as the weather shifted from the last breaths of beautiful fall to the impending chill of winter, my family decided it was the perfect weekend for our final outdoor projects before the snowflakes dance their way into our lives. Little did I know, my body would become a casualty of the chaos. Organizing the garage involved a weightlifting session with heavy, awkward boxes, loading and unloading firewood left me bruised and scratched, and I even managed to squeeze in a two-mile jog while my girls whizzed around the neighborhood on their motorized vehicles. By the end of it all, my body was crying out for some TLC.

Normally, my bustling self would have just soldiered on, taking a speedy shower and leaping into the next task. But a tiny voice in the back of my mind whispered a crucial reminder – if I neglected myself, the week ahead would be a misery, and I wouldn't have the mojo to mom, work, or adult the way I truly wanted.

So, instead of rushing through my nightly rituals, I decided to grant myself a moment of reprieve. I ran a warm bath with Epsom salts and bubbles, slapped on a face mask, treated my feet to a moisturizing soak, and handed over the kid-listening duties to my husband so I could bask in peace for a few quiet minutes.

It might not have been a grand affair, and it likely didn't register on the family radar, but those intentional 30 minutes were a game-changer. I emerged feeling relaxed and calm, and the next day, my once-sore muscles were mere background noise. I enjoyed a restful night's sleep and woke up ready to tackle the week's responsibilities with patience and calm.

In the pre-kids, pre-family, pre-business era of my life, self-care meant spa days, shopping sprees, and indulgent meals – all requiring time and money, both of which became increasingly elusive as life piled on. Now, deep into the realms of motherhood, I've deciphered that self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. It's about doing what you need to treat your body, mind, and soul with utmost care and respect. Sometimes it involves time and money, often it's as simple as a bubble bath or a moment of solitude, but always it demands self-awareness and the mental space to articulate what you need at any given moment. Self-care is the collection of actions that nurture your mental and physical well-being, paving the way for you to be present, peaceful, and happy.

So, here are 10 practical ways to practice self-care in this chaotic holiday season, because sometimes the smallest acts of kindness to yourself yield the biggest rewards:

Warm bubble bath for 15 minutes
(I've been loving this one for the whole fam!)
Reading a chapter of a book or your favorite magazine 
Here’s a list of my favorites if you need some ideas. Also, let's connect as "friends" on Good Reads! Add me! =D
Taking a 15-minute walk alone, or with a friend/animal 
A phone call to a loved one or friend just to catch up
Sleeping in once per week while your partner handles the morning routine

 Drinking one cup of hot coffee/tea outside on your porch

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do love this high-caff tea to start my day!

Listening to your favorite music or podcast while you wrap gifts alone
10 minutes of quiet journal/meditation time upon waking or before bed
Picking up a meditative or mindfulness practice, guided or not
Absolutely check out my friend Kristin for her quick, refreshing and rejuvenating Face Yoga practice!

Participating in a hobby or activity just for fun
I recently started making my own sourdough bread! While it may end up being cheaper and a healthier option for our family, it is also fun for me and something I can enjoy both while making it and when it’s finished! ;) Here is a great starter kit, but you really don't need anything fancy to start out!

Remember, amidst the holiday chaos, your well-being deserves a spot on the priority list. Here's to a season filled with self-care, joy, and a touch of serenity! 🌟🌲

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