From Business Triumphs to Home Harmony: 5 Lessons Learned in Running a Six-Figure Venture

From Business Triumphs to Home Harmony: 5 Lessons Learned in Running a Six-Figure Venture

Back in the wild days of launching our product-based business, chaos was our loyal companion. With zero background in business, my husband and I embarked on a journey where every twist and turn felt like uncharted territory. From creating and marketing to shipping products, the seemingly simple goals unraveled into a web of complexities.

As time unfolded, we stumbled upon repetitive tasks – shipping the same items, crafting identical products, marketing the same wares. In the midst of this creative chaos, we honed our skills, identifying efficient strategies and experimenting with different approaches to streamline clunky or time-consuming processes. Through trial and error, we crafted systems and strategies that not only made our business tasks more manageable but also spilled over into making our lives easier and more successful.

As our family expanded and the value of our time at home became as crucial as our time at work, I began to notice that the skills, systems, and strategies we'd mastered in our business could seamlessly weave into our home life. While our goal wasn't to generate income within the walls of our home, we were determined to spend our home currency – time – as efficiently as possible. No one wanted to squander those precious moments on mundane tasks or miss out on creating joyful memories. We embarked on a journey of trial and error, testing different systems and strategies to maximize our time in activities that brought us peace and joy while minimizing the drain of undesirable tasks and chores. Constant refinement and adjustment became the name of the game, aligning with the changing needs, seasons, and circumstances of our lives. The revelation struck – the systems and strategies that fueled our success in business were equally potent in shaping a successful home life.

Here are 5 of these transformative systems and strategies, cultivated in the trenches of business but seamlessly adopted into the heartbeat of our home:

  • Batching:
    • From product creation to meal preparation, batch processing proved its magic. Batching tasks not only streamlined our business workflow but have also transformed the way we handle household chores, making them more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Prioritizing:
    • Just as we learned to prioritize tasks in our business, we apply the same principle at home. Identifying what truly matters and focusing our efforts on those priorities only, as much as possible, ensures that our time investment yields the highest returns, both in business and in creating a fulfilling home life.
  • Multitasking Wisdom:
    • While multitasking proved helpful in our business, we have learned to discern when to deploy this strategy at home. Juggling tasks that complement each other enhanced efficiency, but recognizing the moments when single-tasking reigns supreme prevents burnout (and having to repeat tasks) and preserves the joy in our domestic endeavors.
  • Planning Ahead - Proactive vs. Reactive:
    • The business world taught us the importance of planning ahead, and this lesson seamlessly translated into our home life. Distinguishing between proactive and reactive approaches allow us to stay ahead of the curve, minimizing stress and fostering a more harmonious household.
  • Effective Communication:
    • Just as effective communication was the backbone of our business operations, it has become a cornerstone in our home. Clear, open communication streamlines family decisions, ensuring everyone is on the same page and contributing to a more cohesive and enjoyable home life.

In essence, the skills that made our business flourish are the same skills that enrich our home. It's an ongoing journey of refinement, adapting these strategies to the evolving needs, seasons, and circumstances of our lives. The business of home, it turns out, benefits greatly from the wisdom cultivated in the business world. Here's to a home that runs as smoothly as a well-tuned business!


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