How to find "family time" during the crazy time of year!

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Somehow, it doesn’t matter what sector you work in, how many people are in your family, or where you live, the holiday season seems to be busy and chaotic for us all. Our family is no exception, and while we try to balance spending quality time with our loved ones, working in our business, finding the perfect gifts for everyone, and maintaining just the right amount of “holiday cheer,” it can seem like our day-to-day family time disappears! After a few seasons of burning ourselves out and needing a complete reset at the start of the new year, we’ve become a bit more conscientious of our need to take care of ourselves and our immediate family unit.

Here are 4 ways we are making time for our family this busy holiday season that might help you as well.

  • Eating at least one meal together, daily.

    Honestly, sometimes it’s breakfast, sometimes it’s lunch, and sometimes it’s dinner! Our days aren’t always the same, so while we don’t always eat the same meal together, we make sure to sit around a table together at least once a day. This gives us time (phone/technology free, by the way!) to catch up on what’s going on in our lives, share funny stories, and just “be” for a few minutes.

  • Carving out time for family “field trips” or fun activities throughout the week.

  • Living an hour from town, it isn’t often that we make the drive without a pretty long to-do list. However, especially during this busy time of year, we make an extra point to stop off for a special dessert, or head to a local pumpkin patch, or stop and play at the park between our errands. These small added stops can seem insignificant, but even just spending a few minutes where the to-do list is paused and we are just focused on the time with each other is reinvigorating and brightens the mood for all of us. It is definitely time well-spent, and helps us create memories we otherwise would have missed out on!

  • Having (and sticking to) a kid’s bedtime routine, which includes reading and snuggling together, before saying goodnight.

  • It can be SO easy to forget about “bedtimes” and “routines” when we are running in a zillion directions and break-neck speeds...but after some experience with this, we’ve come to realize that these two items are imperative to keeping our heads above water! Whenever possible, we make a point to both join our daughter in the routine so that she is getting quality time reading and telling stories, as well as a few extra snuggles with both of us just before she drifts off to sleep. Again, these memories we are making are priceless, and really take less than 30 minutes out of our evening. And once she is down for the evening, we have time to finish our chores or projects or relax for a bit, or (gasp) maybe even head off to bed early ourselves, which brings us to...

  • Getting enough sleep, and parents waking up early enough to get chores done/mostly done before kiddos are awake.

  • This may seem obvious, or unnecessary to list, but trust me when I say that this is another lesson we’ve learned the hard way! It is so difficult to wake up early when you haven’t gotten enough rest the night before! And if you do manage to get up at a decent hour, you’re likely dragging and tired and not your most productive OR your most pleasant to be around, right? We’ve been experimenting and have found that when we get enough sleep, we’re able to get up in the morning and kick start our day before our daughter is even awake. Not only does it feel great and start our day off on a positive note, it also allows us to spend some quality time with each other over breakfast and morning routines without being rushed and distracted and grouchy! It’s a win-win.


    Do you have any tried and true tactics you use to get through crazy seasons as a family? We'd love to hear them!

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