Finding the Fun in Fall

The best part of any season is getting to spend quality time with family. Fall is full of opportunities for fun.

Fall Family Memories at the Pumpkin Patch.

Our little family making fall memories.

Last week, we had to make some deliveries near one of our favorite local pumpkin patches - Jack Creek Farms. We took a few minutes to stop by and have some fun, and it was so enjoyable!

Jack Creek Farm with windmill view.

Windmill and pumpkin display outside of farm stand. 

Enjoying the variety of pumpkins.

Large pumpkin selection, from big to small!

The Best Memories are Made on the Farm - welcome sign at the farm.

"The best memories are made on the farm" banner welcoming visitors. 

They thought of so many things to include to make the experience at their pumpkin patch fun for all ages. We missed their big family event of the season by a few hours, but even still, we had such a great time! There was a maze, a tire jungle gym, a wooden train, farm animals, pumpkins, and an adorable storefront. They also incorporate classic farm equipment into their decor. This adds to the already inviting and rustic atmosphere. We had so much fun and we could have spent even more time there than we did.

Tire jungle gym at the pumpkin patch. Farm animal pens at the farm.
Tire jungle gym and farm animal pens.

Vintage truck with hay bales greeting farm visitors.Vintage farm equipment near the pumpkin display.

Vintage truck with hay bales and vintage farm equipment.

Vintage tractor outside farm store.U-Pick pumpkin patch at the farm.

Vintage truck outside farm stand, and start of u-pick pumpkin patch area. 

Since we live far away from town, we have pretty much become masters at making many stops on our trips to town. We used to try to cram lots of business into our trips and rush home to try to cram even more business into the end of the day. But we quickly realized that was exhausting. And also, we were working so hard for little reward. What would be the point of working from home but not being able to enjoy time together, as a family?

It's not to say that we don't work hard or fit a lot of business into our days, but we have learned that it's okay to stop and "smell the roses" every once in awhile. And of course, our sweet kiddo loves those moments as well. Our visit to the pumpkin patch was a fun surprise that left us with special family memories of this fall season.

Mom and daughter exploring the maze at the pumpkin patch. Dad and daughter playing on the wood train.
Mom and daughter working their way through the maze, and dad and daughter playing on the wooden train. 

As luck would have it, we created these metal pieces in different pumpkin faces for this occasion! Pumpkin carving can be fun and exciting, but it is definitely geared toward older kiddos. These pumpkin face pieces are *perfect* for keeping the experience fun and mess-free for kids of all ages. Also,  they help keep your pumpkins from rotting too fast because there aren't gaping holes. It's a win-win!
Find this cool mustache man and the classic jack-o-lantern sets on our website right now. They are in the ready-to-ship "New Releases" section. There is still plenty of time to enjoy them this fall season!

Mustache and glasses pieces, and jack-o-lantern pieces with fall decor.

Mustache and glasses set and jack-o-lantern set, found here. Photo courtesy of Katlin Shuherk Photography.

Boy and girl enjoying decorating pumpkins with fall decor.

Mustache and glasses set and jack-o-lantern set, as well as metal pumpkins can be found here. Photo courtesy of Frozen Frames Photography.

When we see others enjoying our products as much as we do, it makes our souls smile. It warms our hearts to know that our products are able to unite families and create lasting memories. What have you done to enjoy fall so far this season? Do you have any festive plans in the near future? 

Girl enjoying fall decor and pumpkin pieces.

Mustache and glasses set and jack-o-lantern set, as well as metal pumpkins can be found here. Photo courtesy of Katlin Shuherk Photography.


  • Jess

    As a mother, I relate in trying to cram everything in during the weekends. Reading your piece made me realized it does take the fun out a weekend. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us =)

  • Ann

    Great message to everyone to enjoy life. Make time around work for family. And I loved the pumpkin decorations you do!

  • Jeanette Walker

    Little kiddos grow up so fast. Glad you’re taking the time to enjoy life. Keep having fun!!!

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