Celebrating Generations of Love

Last Sunday, September 9th, was National Grandparents’ Day. It’s a day set aside to honor our grandparents and celebrate the love and legacy they’ve created.



Garrett and I were both incredibly lucky growing up; we both had the opportunity to meet and actually build relationships with all of our grandparents, and even some of our great grandparents. This is so rare and special, and we cherish the memories we were afforded. Our daughter is also lucky in this aspect, as she has the chance to build relationships with all of her grandparents on both sides, as well as many of her great grandparents.



Being from a large and tight-knit family, we do our best to spend quality time with all of our grandparents as often as possible. We often celebrate holidays multiple times in order to be able to “celebrate” with everyone. We have family dinners, family breakfasts, and family vacations. The beauty of modern technology allows us to share videos, pictures, and video chat on a regular basis, which also helps build and solidify our relationships.


Grandparents are special people not only because they love us unconditionally, but because they are our roots. They are where we come from, they are windows into another time and place, and they have so much wisdom and experience and values to share with us. We love having the opportunity to learn from our grandparents, and we love that we get to teach our daughter to have the same type of love and respect for her own elders.


It’s also quite fun to watch your parents become grandparents, and witness the depth of their love for your child. The sheer happiness and joy that they feel is almost tangible, and it is amazing to be a part of something so special.

Did you celebrate this holiday this year? How do you show your grandparents or your children’s grandparents how much they mean to you? We’d love to hear your ideas and get some inspiration for ways to celebrate in the years to come!    




  • Patricia

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family. I hold my grandparents very dear to my heart, they represented the family stability that I did not have and I believe I have a happy marriage today due to the example and impact they did in my childhood. I am so grateful my grandma is still in my life, she is 95 years young, big matriarch and a joy to be around.

  • Julie Moss

    It’s so nice to see and hear about strong family relationships! You are a light and great example to other families. Strong relationships are something every family should strive for, but we all know that it takes hard work and commitment to take the time to make strong relationships. Congrats on a job well done!

  • Tania

    I love reading about your relationship with your parents and grandparents. I am a big believer in “it takes a village” and I am so very grateful to have a very close relationship with my parents and my own children have their grandparents as an active and loving part of their lives. A blessing for sure ❤️

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